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Crossing the Ocean

Erik Eimiller's musical journey began as a tall tale that became a reality. He told his 6th grade music teacher that he could play drums before he actually knew how to. He was naturally talented enough that she allowed him to play "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" from behind the drums during the Spring Choral Concert while his parents watched.  A drum kit as a birthday gift was the result that  summer. His brother, Tim, introduced him to The Who, and the rest is history. A self-taught drummer, Erik Eimiller has played thousands of shows throughout the USA, Canada, & Europe. But the surprise in this story is that he's not just a drummer. From vocals to synthesizers to guitars and bass, he executes each within his original compositions that he also produces and records in his home studio. 

His first official solo single 'Cross the Ocean' has vaulted him from acclaimed drummer to exhilarating solo artist.  

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